Services Offered


Chimney Cleanings

(Prices quoted below are per flue system.  For example, a multi-flue chimney may have a fireplace and a furnace flue system. The sweep would be priced as follows: $100.00 for the fireplace + $125.00 for the oil furnace = $225.00 for both.)

Chimney Sweep—Fireplace $100.00 (Reg. $150.00)
The price includes a visual safety inspection.

Chimney Sweep—Woodstove, Insert,Free Standing  $125.00 (Reg. $175.00)
The price includes a visual safety inspection.

Chimney Sweep-Direct Connect $125.00 and up -  The price includes a visual safety inspection.

Chimney Sweep—Gas or Oil Furnace $125.00 (Reg. $175.00)
The price includes a visual safety inspection. 

Chimney Inspections

Fireplace- $75.00 (Reg. $ 125.00)

Woodstove, free-standing woodstove, oil burner, or gas furnace- $75.00 (Reg. $ 125.00)

Video Inspections are an additional  $40.00 on top of regular price
-The Wohler Camera System is a video inspection where a camera is inserted into the chimney to document any damage or defects. The homeowner is able to view the monitor along with the technician. This job usually requires two technicians and takes about 1 hour.  The homeowner may request photos to be emailed or put on disk free of charge.

*The prices stated are for a safety inspection only. Prices for a cleaning and inspection are stated at the top of the page. Castle Chimney does not inspect gas logs or other gas appliances, only the venting system.

Other Services

 Estimates - FREE
An estimate is given if you already know what the EXACT problem is. If you do not know what the problem is, you will need to have an inspection. See inspection prices listed above.

Service Calls
A minimum of $79.95 will be charged for each service call .

Gutter Cleaning
Minimum of $79.95 -rough estimate.  Approximately $.75 cents per foot with additional cost for degree of difficulty.



One truck load- $ 175.00 = to a face cord.

1/2 truck load - $ 100.00 

Delivery is driveway drop.  Travel Charges may apply depending on distance.

*Availability not always guaranteed

Important Information


In order to perform a chimney sweep or inspection, the chimney needs to be cool.  This means that any fires need to be put out at 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.


If you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive a reminder call at least 24-48 hours before your appointment.  If you do have to cancel or reschedule we do ask that you give us 24 hours notice.


If you are a no-show at an appointment we will charge for a Service Call ($79.95) to cover costs for time and travel.